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Tutorials                                                                      Paintstar/Psp5 Animator

Adding sparkle or glitter,animation.                                                                                            Paintstar(freeware)

                                                                                                       Animator comes with Psp5 package(commercial)

Painstar:Small and compact art software program with all the functions of big exspensive programs,simplified.Easy to use,easy to learn.Free to download.Help section explains icons and there functions.

( ) Contians corrisponding graphics image title.

RED: Designates operating area location.                                                                                                    Paintstar

File/Open/Open Image/color/brush

Bottom left  is foreground and background color squares,to change click on square,opens pallette.(img.1)

For this project choose white for your color and while we are here go directly across to the right.Click on white square with dot in center.This will bring up the brush options window(img.2).Scroll down and pick a star or flare shape.Brushes can be manipulated or changed  under edit at bottom of this window if needed,also under new you can make your own.(imgs.1&2)


  img.1         You can use either paintbrush or airbrush to apply,the later gives you control of intensity,I always make some stars lighter and some brighter by just holding click or just tapping .Distribute  randomly in areas you want to sparkle and allow some spacing,dont go crazy,not many are needed for a good effect.There is two shapes that work best that resemble star or flare sparkle(img. 3).You can inhance the look even further by airbrushing with fuzzy circle shape and adjusting your pressure and rate  flow on airbrush located  at the bottom of menu.Another option is choosing the ring shape from brush option and  airbrushing around star,but difficult centering.You might even choose to change up colors for some images.Its up to you,experiance has taught me to keep it simple,dont want to take away from image,just help it out,lol.

At this point you can choose format and save to use as picture or continue to animate.All the tools are basically the same as psppx3 or psp.All the functions of each icon and tool can be found under Help in the menu.I love the simplicity of paintstar.I use it more then anything else.

         img. 3  On image menu click on... 

    View/ Layers and Paths...   

This will open the layers window .Click on the plus sign at bottom left in layers window,then choose the load option(img.5).Now the main image library  should open in new window and  open the same image your using.Dont get confused ,paintstar views layers from bottom to top opposite of pspp.Remember the blue bar is the layer you are on.Loaded image should be at top or in blue,actually its on bottom,but on top in the layers mind.Now you can view the underlying image with sparkle partially ,so you will know where to apply the next round of stars,by adjusting the slider at top of layers window.You want to position the stars you apply now in different areas,with slider about halfway you can see a ghost of 1st image.(img.4)When you get done applying stars to this image  you can slide the slider back and forth to see how your animation is going to look.Now slide it to right all the way and you should be looking at the image you just applied stars to only.Go to that images window and save as image 1 gif or jpg .Go to layers window and slide slider to the left and click on underlying image,first image should be in blue now.Now save that as image 2 and  now you have two imagesa ready for animation.

     img. 5img. 4

     That completes the first section of this tutorial.To  go to animation section...CONTINUE. tutorials,continued